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2019 Pride Marshals


Marshal nominees

Kim Airs
Kim has been a positive and active member of our community for decades now. She has helped our community let go of shame around our sexuality. As founder of the Boston area’s firs female and sex-positive sexuality boutique, Kim employed women who believed in her mission and were great assets to the store’s growth. Kim was Vice President of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce for five years. She founded the first amateur, sex-positive film festival, You Oughta Be in Pictures, which first was shown at the Coolidge Corner Theater in 2000 and later became a one hour documentary on HBO. Through open discussions at her stores, she provided much needed education in many areas of sexuality. From 1991-1996, Kim was a Buddy in the AIDS Action Committee’s Buddy Program, which helps provide emotional support to people with AIDS. Kim is also known for staring in Orgasm Inc. (2009), Sex, Politics & Cocktails (2002) and Ecstatic Moments (1999).

Rod Ferguson
Rod Ferguson, a long-time volunteer of Boston Pride at many levels, was a lead plaintiff in the case for marriage equality in Bermuda in 2018. He has worked hard to advocate for equality in Boston by leading many work areas and events for the Boston Pride organization, including managing its website and technology infrastructure and by leading Pride Day @ Faneuil Hall for many years. As a native Bermudian, Rod has put forward his name to lead the legal fight to bring back, successfully, marriage equality in his home country in 2018 (after Bermuda had previously revoked the legality of same-sex marriage). His story was in the 2018 Boston Pride Guide.

Ava Glasscott
Ava represented the State of Massachusetts in the Miss Trans USA Pageant 2018. She is the first post-op transgender contestant from New England to represent her Community in a National Pageant. The story of Ava’s journey as a trans model has been featured by NBC Boston and the WCVB-TV showChronicle. For Amy Schumer’s upcoming film I Feel Pretty (2018), Ava was included in a scene alongside Schumer, Lauren Hutton, Michelle Williams, and Aidy Bryant. She also appeared in the documentary film All Stars: The Changing Face of Drag (2016), which she promoted at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles.

Kris Knievil
Kris Knievil, also know as Christopher Fijal, is a former Boston Pride Committee member and has been a staple in the Boston Drag Community for over 20 years. She started her career in 1997 working at night clubs like Quest, Avalon, Axis and Boston’s only Drag Show Bar, Jacques Cabaret, in 1999. She went on to become  show director there in 2004 and continues to work there today. She is a tireless supporter of the LGBT community. Throughout her career she has raised countless dollars for local and national non-profit. In 2018 she was elected as Empress XIV of the Imperial Court of Massachusetts, which elevated her to continue giving back to her community.

Dale Mitchell
Dale Mitchell is the founder of the LGBT Aging Project. As an out (spoken) gay man Dale brought LGBT Aging out of the closet with his tireless work here in Massachusetts. He convened Boston’s very first LGBT Aging Summit in 2001 and the LGBT Aging Project followed soon thereafter with Dale as its Chair. He has been a leading champion and advocate for LGBT older adults and caregivers in Massachusetts since that time. His professional role is CEO of Ethos, a Boston based elder service organization, and his passion is to make sure that LGBT older adults age with the dignity and respect they deserve. Under his direction Ethos started the first LGBT friendly community meal program for LGBT older adults and their friends, in 2004. This was a first in Boston, in Massachusetts and in the country. These programs have paved the way for a network of 23 such sites throughout Massachusetts and many others around the country. Dale was the driving force behind the 2008 MassHealth Equality Law that ensured that marriage equality applied to the state’s Medicaid program. He is a founding member of the MA LGBT Aging Commission, advocating with legislators to create the first in the nation Commission. More recently he brought that same passionate advocacy to the passage of another first in the nation legislation – that LGBT cultural competency training is required of all those who work within Massachusetts’ state network of elder care providers. Dale has put LGBT older adults on the map in Boston and across the state. Because of Dale’s vision, today’s LGBT older adults – and those who follow in their footsteps — are able to thrive socially and with the necessary supports and providers that are culturally competent and LGBT inclusive.

Gabriela Taveras
Gabby Taveras has been an ally of the LGBTQ+ community during her reign as Miss Boston and now as the first black Miss Massachusetts. Gabby placed 4th runner-up at the Miss America competition, bringing home over $30k in scholarships. Her historic win has helped inspire people of diverse backgrounds to strive to achieve dreams they never thought possible. She shares her story as a survivor of sexual assault and growing up with an incarcerated parent to help motivate and inspire. Many of the challenges she has faced are similar to experiences within our community and helped shape her as the empathetic ally she is today. She has donated her time and talents to several events for the community either as a judge or volunteer. She has become a recognizable face to the LGBTQ+ community, so much so that dozens were posting and cheering her on at Miss America. The fight for equality cannot be won by just the LGBTQ+ Community, we need allies to understand their power and privilege in ways that let our stories be heard and push the agenda forward. This is exactly what Gabby does for all communities. She listens with a sympathetic heart, that is free from judgement, and doesn’t try and take over the narrative, letting our stories be told through her.

2019 Pride Marshals Selection Process

  • Phase 1 – Community Nominations
    • In Phase 1, the community is invited to submit nominations for the next Pride Marshals. The nomination phase opens on Saturday, December 15th, and closes at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 10th. This phase is now complete.
  • Phase 2 – Slate Creation
    • In Phase 2, the Boston Pride Committee reviews the community suggestions and narrows down Pride Marshal nominations to create a slate of candidates. This phase is now complete.
  • Phase 3 – Community Vote
    • In Phase 3, the community is invited to vote online for their preferred Pride Marshals, from the slate of Phase 2. The voting period begins on Thursday, January 17th, and closes at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 31st.

The winners of the community vote will be announced on Monday, February 4th via our newsletter. Click here to sign-up now.

Past Pride Marshals

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    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Freedom for All Massachusetts
    • Boston Pride Marshal: Jo Triglio
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Gordon Burns, Edie Windsor
  • 2017 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Kristen Porter
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Norman J. Hill, Jr., Judith Bradford, John Michael Gray
    • Boston Pride Celebrity Marshal: Hedwig
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    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Erica Kay-Webster, David V. Bermudez, Samuel Brinton
    • Boston Pride Marshals: Ellyn Ruthstrom, Woody Glenn
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Mayor Thomas M. Menino
  • 2014 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Governor Deval L. Patrick, The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: John Mitzel
  • 2013 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Mayor Thomas M. Menino
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Jeanne Manford
  • 2012 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Mix 104.1’s “Fast Freddy” Murphy, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Brendan Burke
  • 2011 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Marshals: John Affuso, Community Servings
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes
  • 2010 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: BAGLY, Grace Sterling Stowell, Don Gorton
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Senator Ted Kennedy
    • Boston Pride Celebrity Marshals: Laverne Cox, Ronnie Kroell, Alexis Arquette
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  • 2000 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Wilson Cruz
    • Boston Pride Marshals: State Rep. Jarrett Barrios
  • 1999 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Randy Price