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at the Harriet Tubman House 566 Columbus Ave., Boston

Massachusetts Youth Pride - May 16, 2015
Mister & Miss Boston Pride Pageant - May 16, 2015
Official Boston Pride Guide release - May 20, 2015
45th Annual Boston Pride Week celebration - June 5-14, 2015


Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility and dignity, we educate, communicate and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

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The Royal Court

Boston Pride’s Official Royal Court

The winning titleholders of the Boston Pride Royal Court act as ambassadors to the LGBT Community! They are the face of Boston Pride, they find opportunities to engage the community, educate and bring awareness of our LGBT culture through entertainment and appearances.

The Royal Courts









2012 Royal Court

Kendra Lee Moore – 2012 Pageant Queen

Fer Cardin –  2012 Pageant King

Francisco Hernandez – 2012 Pageant King of Latino Pride

Sandra Rosado – 2012 Pageant Queen of Latino Pride

2011 Royal Court

Sapphira Cristàl – 2011 Pageant Queen

Matt Leonard – 2011 Pageant King

Rhonda Bout – 2011 Royal Gender Blender

Isabella Cavallier –  2011 Pageant Queen of Latino Pride

2010 Royal Court

Lakia Mondale – 2010 Pageant Queen

Jay Squeeze – 2010 Pageant King

2009 Royal Court

Raquel Blake – 2009 Pageant Queen

Rocky Graziano – 2009 Pageant King


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The Boston Pride Committee has developed the Royal Pageant for entertainment purposes. Participants select which category they would like to participate in based on their own chosen definition and/or display of gender identity. In other words, the King category is open to women dressing in male drag, men born men, transgender men, drag kings or anyone else who desires to compete in the category. Similarly, the Queen category is open to drag queens, women born women, transgender women or anyone else who desires to compete in the category. The goal is not to limit who can participate but to have each category open to all.