Boston Pride Update

It was clear to us that our community needs and wants change without the involvement of the Boston Pride Committee. We heard the concerns of the QTBIPOC community and others. We cared too much to stand in the way. Therefore, Boston Pride has stepped aside to allow other leaders in the community to produce events during Pride month (June).

We know many people care about Pride in Boston, therefore we are concentrating our efforts on preserving the history of Boston Pride and it’s work over the past 50 years. We look forward to sharing this information with you in the future.

We are proud and support all of the pride organizations throughout MA who are continuing the work of the the Pride Movement.

A map of Massachusetts with organization logos and lines to the towns where Pride celebrations are being held across are during the month of June

If you would like to added to this map, please contact us:

How to be a Good Ally

Allies are CRUCIAL in movements for social change.
This is a guide for all people who want to address forms of social injustices that they do not experience.


Boston Pride Guide

Boston Pride Guide Collection


LGBTQ+ Resources

A comprehensive list of resources
for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community in the New England area.