While the final days of Pride Week once again brought heavy rains and a February-like cold, Boston’s LGBT Community celebrated with their usual high-spirits, bright colors, and fun-loving attitudes that simply could not be drenched.

Saturday’s successful Parade and Festival successful were followed by one of the most well attended Stuart Street Block Parties ever held, likely due in part to the weather-related cancellation of the concurrent JP Block Party. “Closing the JP Party was a difficult decision for us to make, but the response from guests was unbelievably positive,” says Deputy Director Keri Aulita.  “Unanimously, people who came over from JP expressed their excitement and preference for one party where we could all celebrate together. It was a silver lining after a long two days of inclement weather.”

The success of that day, and the rest of Boston Pride Week, is due in large part to the great work of a dedicated committee, strong community collaborations, incredibly supportive corporate partnerships, and dozens and dozens of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the events come to life.  Planning for Pride 2012 will begin soon, so stay tuned to the Pride Committee page for meeting information.