Fully committed to promoting local flair, this year Boston Pride throws a new Pride Week spectacle into the mix with its very own “Artisan Avenue.” Taking place Saturday, June 9th in City Hall Plaza, “Artisan Avenue” is a tented common space that will be designated for artisans of every type. Featuring individuals only, each registered artist will be given a chair and a six-foot table on which to display his/her personal pieces and collections. The artwork may be either sold or for display only, with the stipulation that all items must be handcrafted. A fantastic way to debut your latest labors and display your creativity, “Artisan Avenue” offers local artists an opportunity to highlight their best, most unique pieces to the thousands of individuals who attend Pride Week as well as to showcase Boston’s talented artistic scene. Registration is $50 per artist, and interested participants may access the application and obtain more information from our website: www.bostonpride.org/festival.