Greetings from Pride Headquarters!

We know that money doesn’t grow on trees, that it doesn’t buy happiness, and that (especially these days!) there’s not much of it to burn. But while all those things are true, as we gear up for another great Pride season, we hope you’ll consider making a charitable contribution to help keep the Boston Pride Festival free and accessible to all.

 Boston Pride has never charged admission for the Festival on City Hall Plaza.
and we’d like to keep it that way…accessible to everyone
in our community who wants to be there.

As we were knee-deep in Pride planning this year, we couldn’t help but be inspired and energized by President Obama’s public support of marriage equality. However, we know that there are battles still to be waged both here in the states and in distant places like Libya, Moscow, Nigeria, and Iraq. Troubling news stories from our own backyard and around the globe underscore the need for our continued efforts to fight for civil rights.

The international state of affairs around human rights and LGBT issues, however, does not dampen our enthusiasm. In fact, it motivates us to continue the fight for full equality- in all matters and areas. With your help, Boston Pride will continue to bring people together, stir your mind, shake up the dance floors, crate safe and health spaces and make an impact.

For 42 years, the Boston Pride Committee has been producing events and activities to celebrate the significant contributions, accomplishments, and history of the LGBT Community. Each June, we call on the members of the LGBT community to honor the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and to commemorate the progress we’ve made since those early days of the battle for equal rights.

Over the past two years, Boston Pride has grown significantly as evidenced by the hiring of our first full time staff person, the acquisition of the Latino Pride and Youth Pride celebrations, and the creation of a new Human Rights & Education Committee. All of these new programs provide Boston Pride more opportunities to broaden our scope, stay visible, and engage the community throughout the year.

For the first time in our history, we are presenting an opportunity for individuals to support our work and mission by making a contribution to the Boston Pride Operating Fund. Sponsorships cover only 40% of the costs associated with producing Pride Week, so your support is critical to our continued success. We hope that you’ll help keep consider making a tax-deductible gift today.

With Pride just around the corner, what better time to reflect on the mountains we still have to climb. It is moments like these that we realize that the fight for full equality- in all matters and areas- is still waging. On Saturday, June 9th we will be marching for freedom.

With much pride and gratitude,
Keri A. Aulita
Director of Development