We’ve seen a lot of good things happen regarding marriage equality in the past few months, but yesterday’s vote in North Carolina amending their state constitution to discriminate against same sex marriage is disappointing.  What is even more troubling is how this amendment goes beyond state law, which already made marriage between individuals of the same sex illegal, to removing legal status from other kinds of domestic unions.  While the vote in North Carolina is discouraging, those who have worked hard for marriage equality in that state deserve our thanks for continuing to represent the views of our community there.

Even while we are seeing our rights curtailed in places like North Carolina, we are seeing support for our views regarding marriage equality at the highest levels of government.  Over the weekend, Vice President Biden expressed his support on NBC’s Meet the Press.  And just a few minutes ago, President Obama told ABC News that he felt it was important to “affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”  President Obama’s interview will air tomorrow morning on Good Morning America.  We congratulate President Obama for his public support and we look forward to the day when marriage equality is achieved for all Americans.

With Pride just around the corner, what better time to reflect on the mountains we still have to climb.  It is moments like these that we realize that the fight for full equality- in all matters and areas- is still waging.  On Saturday, June 9th we will be marching for freedom.