DotOUT is a grassroots, member driven organization committed to the ideals of acceptance, inclusion, fairness, and equality. We believe in the strength of the gay and lesbian community in Dorchester and recognize that together through our activism and neighborliness we can positively influence local opinion on issues that are relevant to us and our community. We recognize that Dorchester’s gay and lesbian residents have a long history of contributing to the very essence of our neighborhood. It is upon this foundation that we unite as gay men and lesbians and commit to working with our neighbors and friends in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of life in Dorchester by continuing to build bridges to Dorchester’s many communities. In so doing, we will advance the ideals of fairness and equality for all the residents of Dorchester.







Lynn English High School GSA
Best Marching Group 2012

The Lynn English High School Gay Straight Alliance meets every Tuesday. Anyone is welcome to join whether they are gay, straight, bisexual, or transgendered. We promote diversity and equality. Acceptance is what we practice. The alliance does fundraisers, has games, discussions, and social/holiday parties.







Paris Creperie
Best Adaptation of the Theme 2012

For the past ten years, the small business Paris Creperie has served up a wide array of sweet and savory crepes to the Coolidge Corner area, as well as a wide variety of beverages. Owner and entrepreneur Chuck Silverston has always supported equal rights for the LGBT community, and fully supports his openly gay manager, Nicholas Mallia. For years Paris has tried to find a way to associate itself in the parade, but this year, Paris will be launching its very first mobile food truck, the ‘Eiffel Tourer.’ We believe that the parade will be the perfect avenue to display our support of the community, in a wildly festive and energetic way.