Good Morning,

I know you are looking for the sun—trust me it will return by the time the parade kicks off. Cooler air has temporarily moved in followed by periods of heavy rain for Friday.  For tonight expect a lot of clouds with just a few showers.  What you see is what we can expect for the day light hours of today.  Lots of clouds, few sprinkles and highs only in the upper 60s. Friday is the WET day.  Periods of showers, even thunderstorms will be criss crossing all of the Boston area, becoming more numerous during the afternoon.  The air will feel muggy and warm with highs in the 70s.

Ok, what about the BIG weekend.  Saturday any leftover clouds even showers will exit the area by 10AM—sounds like perfect timing to me.  It will warm up BIG TIME in the afternoon with highs near 80!  Looks like a perfect parade forecast.  Sunday is even better with LOTS of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s.

Have a great end of the week and check back here for weather updates.


David Brown