The web is going through a major transformation. The recent release of new domain extensions has opened doors to new opportunities and lucrative online real estate. If you’ve been completely out of the loop, no worries, because United Domains is here to tell you all about it!

With over 500 new domains available for registration, there’s now a new domain extension for every interest, hobby and corner of the globe. Yes, it does sound too good to be true, but no, we’re not kidding!

New domains will help us find and digest our news and information faster. This is why if you’re still fixed on registering a .COM we suggest you reconsider.

With extensions like .NYC, .SITE and even niche market domains like .FLORIST, .PLUMBING and .CAFE, bloggers, personal sites and businesses can get a creative, memorable and short domain without breaking the bank.

With the Internet paving the way for people with common interest to connect with one another regardless of physical location, these new domains couldn’t have come at a better time.

Just look at One DIrectioners, unapologetically head over heels for their boy band, starting Twitter trends left and right and taking advantage of blogging and forums to keep each other up to date on who might be leaving the group next. But we also use the Internet for bigger issues (sorry 1D fans!) like standing united in the face of tragedy, campaigning for social reforms, and keeping us connected with the world 24/7.

From the pool of new domains available, comes the all new .LGBT domain which stands out as the alternative online destination for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

The new .LGBT domain launched with the vision of becoming the official domain name for a community that promotes inclusivity, offers support, and advocates for respect and fosters equality online. Unlike other extensions, .LGBT took an extra step adding an Acceptable Use Policy, to further cement their goal of becoming a safe place online for the LGBT community.

It goes without saying that the LGBT community has a huge online presence. In the global stage, there’s now a diverse group of LGBT youth and veterans using the Internet to inspire, educate, promote acceptance and social justice issues all over the world.

Why not share your message with a domain that aligns with your beliefs and goals? Unlike a generic .COM, the all new .LGBT speaks specifically to the LGBT community so you know your message will reach the LGBT community and all its supporters.

So whether you’re a blogger sharing your passion for fine food and wine, or a resource for teens looking for a helping hand, an entrepreneur spreading the word about your new business, a non-profit lobbying for reform, or simply looking for an alternative and direct channel to reach the LGBT community, lead the way with the all new .LGBT domain.

Whatever your passion or interest may be, find your voice online with the all new .LGBT domain. Register your .LGBT domain at United Domains for just $49 per year.