As an inclusive organization, Boston Pride does not condone any language that is intolerant of racial, ethnic, or religious differences. Additionally, we reject language that promotes violence towards any individuals who are exercising their First Amendment rights. It has come to our attention that Mr. Anthony Imperioso, who was elected a marshal by the community for the 2016 Pride Parade, has made some offensive comments on his Facebook page. Boston Pride cannot condone those comments. After a discussion between Mr. Imperioso and Boston Pride, his marshalship has been withdrawn, and Mr. Imperioso will not be a marshal in the 2016 parade.

Boston Pride apologizes for the lack of vetting that occurred in the Marshal nomination process this year. Boston Pride is reviewing its marshal nomination process to ensure that it is both fair and robust to all members of the community going forward.

Boston Pride will continue to work to foster a dialogue within the LGBT community between groups, and will continue to work with members of the community to create a more just society for all.