ap_16123748668369Boston, Mass., July 8, 2016 – Below is a statement from Sylvain Bruni, president of Boston Pride, regarding the public accommodations bill for transgender individuals, which was signed into law today by Governor Charlie Baker:

By passing legislation that will ensure that transgender men and women are protected against unwarranted discrimination in public, Massachusetts continues to make strides on LGBTQ issues. We wish to thank all community organizations that mobilized to make this bill pass, as well as both Senate President Stan Rosenberg and Speaker of the House Robert Deleo for their leadership on this issue. We thank Gov. Baker for signing this law, ensuring that our Commonwealth joins 17 other states, Washington D.C., and more than 200 cities and towns across the country that have passed non-discrimination laws protecting gender identity in public spaces. We just concluded a successful Pride Month in Boston but we are reminded every day that many members of our community continue to face prejudice and bigotry in their daily lives. We look forward to a day when all are treated with respect, fairly and equally, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or race and ethnicity.

About Boston Pride
Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility and dignity, we educate, communicate and advocate by building and strengthening community connections. Pride Month 2017 will be held June 1 – 30, with the annual Boston Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 10, 2017.