A message from Sylvain Bruni, president of Boston Pride, to the Boston Pride Committee – Boston, MA – 11/9/2016

Dear all,

The stunning upset victory of the Republican candidate in the presidential election along with the status quo of control of both the House and the Senate by the Republican party are likely to constitute a pivotal setback for equal rights and for the LGBT community.

Should this new, overwhelming, conservative majority indeed govern as it campaigned, gender and sexual minorities, people of color, people with disabilities, women, religious minorities, immigrants and countless others will face greater discrimination and greater risks.

And that makes our work more important than ever. We must rise and continue the fight for equality, the fight for visibility, the fight against discrimination.

This is not the first challenge our community has had to face, and I am confident that this setback will motivate each and every one of us to renew our commitment to our community and to Pride. The fight ahead will be long and arduous, but many in our community and beyond depend heavily on it.

With Pride,


Sylvain Bruni
pronouns: he/him/his

President, Boston Pride
Publisher, The Boston Pride Guide