Boston Pride Takes on a Major Role in InterPride

Linda DeMarco Elected as Co-President

(Boston, MA) – December 5, 2017 – Boston Pride is taking on a major role in InterPride, the international organization that ties together more than 220 Prides from across the globe with two of its leaders in key positions. Boston Pride Vice President Linda DeMarco was recently elected Co-President of InterPride at its annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana in early October. In 2016, Boston Pride President Sylvain Bruni was elected as an InterPride Regional Director representing the North East Regional States. This adds to the strength and commitment to InterPride from Boston Pride.

Boston Pride is one of the five founders of InterPride which was established in 1982, in Boston, when representatives from various Pride organizations across the U.S. gathered to share their common experiences and support each other. In 2012, Boston Pride hosted the 30th Annual InterPride World Conference.

“It is truly an honor to lead InterPride as it has its roots in Boston where the commitment to advocating for the LGBTQ community is without question,” said DeMarco. “I look forward to leading InterPride as we need to ensure that all Prides around the world are represented and have a voice.”

In her role as Co-President, DeMarco will set the vision and the agenda for InterPride and its board of 49 members from across the globe. She is Co-President with Brett Hayhoe of Australia. Previously, DeMarco had served as InterPride’s Treasurer.

DeMarco has been involved with the LGBTQ advocacy community for more than 20 years, beginning in the 1980’s when she marched in her first Boston Pride Parade in honor of a friend who passed away from AIDS. She is past President of Boston Pride, the fourth largest Pride parade in the country.

DeMarco has been recognized for her decades of service to the LGBTQ community and received the David LaFontaine Award for Excellence in Commitment to LGBT Youth. She has also been honored by the Gay Officers Action League and also received an Abigail Adams award from the Mass. Women’s Political Caucus for her outstanding work. DeMarco is also an accomplished businesswoman as the owner of Boston Pretzel Bakery in Jamaica Plain that she has operated for more than 20 years.