Boston Pride congratulates Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, winner of a Merit award from ​​the Hatch Awards for Corporate Communications​, for their “Proud” advertisement which was specially designed for inclusion in the 2017 Boston Pride Guide. The advertisement, from the Allen & Gerritsen agency (Bella Oriella – art director, and Erin Arbaugh – copywriter), prominently features a “Proud” ambigram, illustrating their strategy “No letter left behind”. An ambigram is a “typographical design consisting of text modified in such a way that it can be read in multiple orientations” (Oxford Dictionary). According to the designer, in this advertisement, the ambigram “celebrates identity and orientation on a spectrum rather than on a binary scale,” as a symbol of inclusivity of all components of our community. Boston Pride is ​extremely proud that​ our advertisers are making intentional efforts to design high-quality ads expressly for our community magazine and its diverse readership. Click here to learn more about the design of this award-winning advertisement!