Click here to view the digital version of the guide

We’re #WickedProud to announce the publication of the 2018 Boston Pride Guide, Boston Pride’s official annual magazine!

Since 2015 the Pride Guide has been produced entirely in-house by a passionate and dedicated team of volunteer editors and over 100 contributors from Greater Boston to Indonesia.

In its fourth year, the Pride Guide continues to offer useful, straight-from-the-source information on Boston Pride events and programs as well as over 20 articles on a wide range of topics of direct relevance to our diverse LGBTQ community. For example, readers can learn about the difficulties of identifying trans housing discrimination in the Bay State and what one group is doing about it; why gun control is a queer issue; and the efforts of a former Boston Pride volunteer to restore marriage equality in his home country of Bermuda. With this content, the Pride Guide aims to educate and to inspire action in our community.

From the bold expression of intersectional solidarity on its cover, to the diverse, volunteer-written, issue-driven stories it contains, the Boston Pride Guide truly embodies our 2018 community-selected theme Rainbow Resistance.

You may access the digital version of the Guide by clicking here. Printed copies of the Guide are currently being distributed to over 500 locations around New England and will be available at major Boston Pride events. To find a drop location near you, visit

Happy Reading and Happy Pride!