Since 2016, Massachusetts law has fully protected transgender people from discrimination in public spaces like restaurants, retail stores and medical offices. But now, Massachusetts will be the first state in the country forced to uphold these protections at the ballot box.

That’s why we want to be sure you are aware of a critical question on the Massachusetts ballot this fall. On November 6th, a YES vote on Question 3 is a vote to uphold dignity and respect for our transgender neighbors, friends, coworkers and customers. Boston Pride supports Yes on 3 because we believe fundamentally that trans individuals should have the same rights to live safely in their communities as everyone else, and that the existing public accommodations protections should remain in place.

This weekend’s news that the Trump Administration is planning to rob 1.4 million Americans of their basic dignity by erasing transgender people under federal law shows just how high the stakes are. We have to make sure transgender people continue to be protected in Massachusetts!

If you are interested in learning more, visit Yes on 3‘s website:

Ready to act in support of upholding the law? Here are 2 important things you can do right now:

1) Reach Out to Your Family and Friends

We all know this issue is important, but not enough people know this is even on the ballot. You can help by identifying supporters and building the list of voters the campaign can turn out to win by completing Voter Circle, a friend-to-friend outreach tool that lets anyone, anywhere contact members of their personal network who are registered voters in Massachusetts. All the instructions are here. Then, use this link to complete Voter Circle (it takes about 15 minutes).

2) Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

The campaign is gearing up for GOTV “Get Out The Vote,” aimed at increasing voter turnout from November 3rd–6th. Sign up for a shift by clicking here!. We are still looking for volunteers for these shifts:

  • Saturday 11/3, Sunday 11/4, Monday 11/5: 10:00AM, 2:00PM, 6:00PM
  • Tuesday 11/6 (Election Day): 6:00AM, 9:00AM, 12:00PM, 3:00PM, 6:00PM

Yes on 3 will also have 4 more GOTV Town Hall trainings to get volunteers ready for GOTV. Sign up for one by clicking here. Trainings will be in the following locations:

  • Wednesday, October 24th, 6pm-8pm, Boston
  • Saturday, October 27th, 4pm-6pm, Worcester
  • Saturday, October 27th, 4pm-6pm, Northampton
  • Sunday, October 28th, 11am-1pm, Boston

Thank you in advance!