“The Rainbow After the Storm”

Boston Pride announced today the new theme for the 2021 Pride season. The process of determining the theme was through online nominations followed by online voting by the community.  This year’s theme “The Rainbow After the Storm” reflects on the past year being one of major pain, sorrow, and upheaval in our community and the world as a whole. It represents an opportunity to come together again, and support each other in healing from the events of the past year, and in committing to continuing to work as a community toward acceptance, justice, and understanding.

“The new theme ‘The Rainbow After the Storm’ acknowledges the tough and painful year our community has had and that better days are ahead,” said Linda DeMarco, President of Boston Pride. “Boston Pride is also continuing to work on transforming the organization to better represent the entire community. We must continue to support and look out for each other as we fight for justice.”

“The Rainbow After the Storm” received the largest percentage of the vote at 30 percent. The other top nominations include: “Pride For All: Rights For All” and “Perseverance: Still Here, Still Queer, Still Changing the World.”

Boston Pride has also released its 2021 Boston Pride Calendar of Events, most of which will be held virtually. Information on accessing the events is on the Boston Pride website www.bostonpride.org

Highlights of Pride events taking place this June include:

  • June (month) – Pride Illumination of buildings throughout the City
  • June 4 – Virtual Pride Flag Raising Ceremony
  • June 7 – Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum webinar
  • June 8 – Pride Lights Virtual Ceremony at Blackstone Park and Franklin Square
  • June 9 – Pride Family Virtual Movie Night
  • June 10 – Pride Night @ Fenway Park (in person)
  • June 13 – Express Your Pride Campaign

During the past year, Boston Pride has been working on transforming the organization as a result of the board’s response to concerns raised by Black, Brown, transgender people and other members of the community. These concerns compelled Boston Pride to examine the board and the entire organizational structure including programming of events for Pride 2021.

Boston Pride has committed to abiding by a list of intentions and rationale in everything it is doing in transforming the organization:

Boston Pride is engaging in a transformational process to facilitate fulfillment of our mission and vision, which we serve.

Boston Pride is dismantling the systemic oppression and individual, interpersonal, institutional and structural racism within its own organization.

Boston Pride uses its platform and resources to reduce the negative impact of oppression and racism on LGBTQIA+ communities of color, with deliberate focus on marginalized and intersectional people.

Boston Pride is devoted to ensuring acceptance, diversity, access, and inclusion of the distinct identities that make up the LGBTQIA+ community.