All vendors participating in the 2013 Pride Festival will find helpful information, rules, guidelines and tips here.


Festival Rules and Regulations
Casswood Insurance Form

Vendor Information

Vehicle Regulations
Food Vendors & Sales Restrictions
Helpful Tips

Vehicle Regulations

Vendors who wish to bring a vehicle onto City Hall Plaza must indicate as such on their online registration. Note that there is an additional fee for vehicle access. Access is restricted to 2-axle vehicles only. There are no exceptions to this rule. More information can be found in the Festival Rules and Regulations.


All Vendors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance for their space in order to participate in the Festival.

At the time of online registration, Boston Pride provides an option for insurance to be purchased from Casswood Insurance Agency. The 2013 Casswood Insurance Form is available for download.

Insurance certificates must be received at least one week prior to the event. Failure to comply will result in your organization’s inability to check-in on the day of the event.

If you’re providing your own insurance, send to:

fax:      (617) 261-1844
mail:    Boston Pride Festival – 398 Columbus Ave. #285 – Boston, MA 02116


Food Vendors and Sales Restrictions

Food Vendors are different from merchant-type vendors at the Festival and must complete a different application process.

The sale or distribution of ANY food or beverage is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, except by registered food vendors. This includes water and soda. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming an Official Food Vendor, complete the application.

Helpful Tips

  • Arrive on time! Arriving within your assigned time frame will ensure that all vendors are given adequate time for set up.
  • Respect the instructions from the Festival Staff and Volunteers – These individuals will be clearly distinguishable from the crowd. They are there to help maintain a safe, informative and exciting day!
  • Have fun! That’s one of the reasons you chose to participate in the Festival, after all. Visitors, other vendors, and Festival staff and volunteers alike, are all present to showcase their Pride!