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Boston Pride Guide

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Thank you!

Boston Pride wishes to thank all our advertisers who have supported this endeavor over the years. Your financial contributions have made this project possible, supporting​ ​the​ ​enhancement of​ ​the visibility and education of the LGBT community​ ​in New England​ ​and around the world.​ ​Thank you!

We also would like to express our​ ​gratitude​ ​to all our contributors who work very hard t​o ​offer​ ​new, innovative​, ​and insightful stories​ ​to the Guide​ ​each year. Your dedication to our community is​ to be ​laud​ed​;​ ​we are​ ​very grateful​ ​for your talents and service.

About the Boston Pride Guide

The ​Boston Pride Guide is the​ official​ annual publication of The New Boston Pride Committee, Inc., ​DBA Boston Pride. It is produced ​entirely in-house with ​an all-volunteer editorial and management team. ​The Guide is distributed in ​25,000 print copies ​to over 510 locations in New England. ​The publication i​s also available in​ a​ digital format, and, as of ​May 21,​ 2018,​ has​ garnered 50,000+ ​reads and 380,000+ impressions. The ​Pride Guide ​has been​ read in 131 countries on all​ ​continents! ​As the official magazine of Boston Pride, it ​is the ​go-to ​source ​for all​ Pride​-related​ information — ​fresh and ​direct from the ​organization that plans the annual events and programs. Print copies are ​made ​available at all​​ Boston Pride events.