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Equal Access for All From the nominators: "It is important that Boston Pride be an all-inclusive celebration, with an emphasis on the disabled, the temporarily able-bodied, and other members of the LGBT community whose disabilities, due to physical limitations, might be excluded."

Half the Rights - Half the Taxes! From the nominator: "Harkening back to the days of "No Taxation Without Representation" LGBT citizens in our historic city should take a stand for equality in citizens across the United States. A marriage decreed invalid by crossing a state line demeans the LGBT community to second class citizenship. Why should any anyone be taxed at the same rate to support an infrastructure that does not allow them the same pursuit of happiness allotted to any other citizen?"

Opening Doors with Open Minds From the nominator: "With recent victories for same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination legislation still a beacon of hope on the horizon, I really feel we should be emphasizing inclusivity within our communities. I'd like to see more overlapping activism--both within LGBT communities, and in the wider political sphere--so that we can work together to gain acceptance and success, in our personal and professional lives."

Trans-forming Our Community From the nominators: "This theme not only builds upon last year's theme of sustaining our community, but also focuses on a particular issue in the LGBT community: supporting and advocating for our trans family, friends, and colleagues. Just as our community is always trans-forming, we need to trans-form our sense of community." "The transgender community is often marginalized in the larger GLBT community. Pride is a celebration that arose from protest marches and activism commemorating Stonewall, which was as much a trans uprising as a "gay" one. Transphobia is a problem in LGBT communities everywhere, so we have a great opportunity to do something groundbreaking and inclusive."

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AmyTee From the nominator: "AmyTee is a Boston comedian, touring nationally. Recently on LOGO in the premier of the movie "Laughing Matters" by Andrea Meyerson, All Out Films. She has been touring this year from LA to P-Town promoting her film and stand-up show “Two Dyke Minimum”, which she has performed with Sandra Valls; Jackie Monahan and Mimi Gonzalez. Currently in Curve magazine & identified as a rising star by the Boston Globe."

Dana International From the nominator: "Dana International, a transwomen, is the most famous singer in Israel. She won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest, and brought up trans visibility to the international level, along with a message of compassion, peace, and understanding for the LBGT community. She's an international symbol of acceptance, and a role model for trans kids."

Marga Gomez From the nominator: "This Latina comedian is the first to have come out to represent (and educate) the community of Latino issues via the use of comedy. She has been an out lesbian comedian for many years and is known world wide for her humanitarian work."

Melissa Etheridge From the nominator: "Melissa Etheridge is famous as a gay rights activist, she is also a committed advocate for environmental issues and in 2006, she toured the US and Canada using biodiesel. Since Boston's gay community is trying to be more environmentally friendly, why not combine the two and honor an advocate of both causes. Her reputation speaks for itself!"

Neil Patrick Harris From the nominator: "Neil is one of the funniest actors on television today. He is both openly gay and incredibly talented."

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  Please select one Honorary Marshal among the following:

Barbara Jordan From the nominator: "Barbara Jordan was an African-American US Representative from 1973-1979. Although she represented Texas in her term, she graduated from Boston University Law School in 1959. She gave a speech in 1974 supporting the impeachment of Nixon, and was mentioned as a possible running mate for Jimmy Carter. She gave a keynote speech at the 1976 DNC, which was considered one of the Top 100 Speeches of all time. Jordan was a lesbian and had a partner for more than 20 years. Health problems prevented her Supreme Court nomination by Clinton."

Dorothy Louise 'Del' Martin From the nominator: "Del Martin was married on June 16, 2008 in the first same-sex wedding to take place in San Francisco after the California Supreme Court's decision which legalized same-sex marriage in California. Martin died from complications of an arm bone fracture in San Francisco. She and her partner of over 50 years were gay rights activists and womens right activists."

Pam O'Brien From the nominator: "Pam O'Brien was the organizer of Cape Cod Pride for over ten years. Her dedication to the community was unanimously recognized, and she joined the board of directors of Interpride, the international association of Pride organizers. She recently passed away. Her energy and commitment to making Prides happen around the world will be dearly missed."

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  Please select one Grand Marshal among the following:

Harry Collings From the nominators: "Harry Collings has been an active and dedicated member of the Boston and New-England LGBT community for over thirty years. Harry has demonstrated strong commitment to LGBT nightlife - he is the owner of Buzz and Buzz at Aria - and community celebrations: he created the first women's block party (Esme Block Party) over ten years ago. In addition, Harry is a philanthropist for the LGBT community, in particular with Fenway Community Health. Finally, Harry has worked for the City of Boston for over thirty-two years, and he recently retired from the BRA. Harry was instrumental in the creation of the position of "Liaison to the LGBT Community" within the Mayor's Office."

Pathways to Wellness From the nominators: "2009 will mark 20 years that Pathways has been serving the GLBT community by providing access to holistic care. As the only organization of its kind, it has contributed to the overall health of our community; body, mind and spirit. For example, Pathways is one of the largest provider of free acupuncture care to people with HIV/AIDS in the US. Pathways treats 3000 patients a year with over 11,000 treatments."

Somos Latinos LGBT Coalition From the nominator: "This grass-root organization founded ten years ago but formalized as a non-for-profit five years ago has been providing safe spaces for the Latino immigrants in our state. They have held monthly social events throughout the state in the hopes of bringing together the Latino GLBT community. They hold the oldest and the longest Latino Pride Celebration of its kind in the nation. They have co-sponsored events throughout Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the US in the hopes of bringing together the Latino GLBT community."

Town of Billerica, Board of Selectmen From the nominator: "The Town of Billerica, is a relatively conservative, blue collar, Catholic town 20 miles northwest of Boston. In 2008, thanks to the honor and courage (and in the face of GREAT adversity from many in the community) of the Billerica Board of Selectmen - Jim O'Donnell (Chair), Bob Correnti, and Bob Accomando - a proclamation was made in support of the LGBT community. We should be PROUD to have them on our side!"

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