/2020 Boston Pride Parade
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General Information

Saturday, June 13, 2020
11am – 4pm
START: Copley Square
FINISH: Boston Common
Rain or Shine

2020 Parade Application

The 2020 Parade application is now LIVE.
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2020 Pride Parade Fees

Hurry and register soon to take advantage of early bird pricing!
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The Boston Pride Parade has been enjoying record breaking numbers of participants for the past few years.  2020 is the 50th anniversary of Boston Pride and early registration submissions have been exceptionally high.  As a result, we have reached our limit for the number of vehicles permitted in the parade.  Registration remains open for groups who would like to march, but registration with a vehicle is now closed. For those concerned about carrying supplies in the parade for their group, consider using a pull wagon or cart.  As there continues to be an outpouring of interest in participating in this 50th anniversary year, please register soon by CLICKING HERE to secure a spot for your group.

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, Boston Pride will host its 50th annual Pride Parade and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting and important event! As of December 1st, registration for the 2020 Boston Pride Parade is now open.

Changes for 2020:

  • Parade start time is now 11am
    • Used to be noon
  • Marshal Orientation Training Sessions will now be held via teleconference!
    • Separate registration links for training will be posted in March.
    • Dates:
      • May 3 @ 1pm
      • May 7 @ 6pm
      • May 13, 18, 26 @ 6pm and 7:30pm
    • Currently no in-person training dates
      • Survey in Parade registration asks whether each Marshal will join one of the online trainings or if they would prefer an in-person training
      • We will set a date for an in-person training if necessary.
  • Increased Parade registration fees primarily for small and large businesses.
    • This is due to the fact that the parade has increased exponentially over the past 50 years and our fees were not in line with other similar Pride parades across the country. The costs associated with putting on the Pride Parade have increased significantly since we began the march in 1970.
    • Parade fees for small nonprofits and grassroots organizations have increased slightly with the major increase for the small and large for-profit business levels.
    • See fee schedule by clicking here
  • For security reasons, we must now limit all groups to a maximum of 100 marchers.
  • For security reasons we must limit the number of vehicles and floats.
    • 2019 had 173 vehicles/floats!
    • There is now a separate category for buses, trolleys and duck boats versus vehicles (like cars). Like last year, there is also a separate category for floats.
    • We must limit the total number of vehicles of any type (car, bus, float etc) to 130 for 2020
    • The limits will be enforced on a first come first serve basis, so register early!
    • We will continue to reduce this further in 2021

What you need before you register:

  • Verify your group is not already registered clicking here
  • Name and contact info for:
    • Primary point of contact
    • 2 Marshals
      • To facilitate the organization and smooth progression of the Parade, and to ensure the safety and security of all Parade participants and spectators, Boston Pride requires all Parade groups to designate two people to represent their contingent at the time of registration
      • 1 can also be the primary point of contact
      • Must supply 2 different people and their email address. Important information will be sent to the 2 Marshals
      • Must also indicate whether they will register for an online training or if they want an in-person training.
      • Email parade@bostonpride.org to change your Marshals.
        • No changes after May 1st!
  • Registration Category:
    • Small Non-Profit:
      • Registered non-profit organization with an annual gross revenue lower than or equal to $1,000,000 as recorded in Guidestar
      • This applies to politicians/political organizations/government agencies
    • Large Non-Profit:
      • Registered non-profit organization with an annual gross revenue higher than $1,000,000 as recorded in Guidestar
    • Solidarity:
      • Reserved for grassroots organizations that are not officially registered as a non-profit organizations
      • All student groups (you will need to submit a letter from your institution indicating your status as a Student Group)
      • Military groups
    • Small business:
      • Business, corporation or for-profit organization with less than or exactly 50 employees and/or less than or exactly $5 Million in revenues.
    • Large business:
      • Business, corporation or for-profit organization with more than 50 employees and/or greater than $5 Million in revenues
    • Employee Resource Group:
  • Estimated number of marchers
    • Includes people in a vehicle/bus/float
  • Brief description for your group that will be read by commentators. Please limit this to 2-3 sentences!
  • If non-profit, copy of a valid 501c3 certificate
  • If school group, letter of recognition from your institution
  • What your group will march with, if anything:
    • Float
      • Includes tow vehicle. Do not register tow vehicle separately
    • Vehicles
    • Bus/Trolley/Duck
    • Amplified sound
    • Power generator (you must obtain a permit)
    • Other sound (ie instruments)
  • Payment method (credit card or check)
    • Invoice provided on request after submitting application

Register AND submit payment by February 29th to lock in on the low fees!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Everyone:

Q: What is the difference between the Festival and Parade?
A: The Festival is the party and concert at Boston Common. The Parade is the march from Copley Square to Boston Common. If you have questions about the Festival, please email festival@bostonpride.org. If you have questions about the Parade, please email parade@bostonpride.org.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, you can bring your dog whether you are watching or even marching! Please keep your furry friends hydrated!  Also, if the day is hot, please be prepared to carry your animal as their paws will be get hot. A wagon or child carrier is another way to help transport them.

Q: I’m not registered with a group but I want to participate!
A: There are plenty of ways to participate! You could volunteer on the day of the event.

Or, if you want to walk the route, you could carry the over quarter-mile of River of Pride and Unity flags. Registration to volunteer or carry the flags will be posted soon.


Q: I want to have people alongside of the float/bus/trolley/duck boat/car. Do I need to register for a Marching Group as well?
A: No. The Marching Group option in registration is only for groups that will not have a float/bus/trolley/duck boat/car. A float/bus/trolley/duck boat/car registration includes people marching alongside the vehicle. Keep in mind each group can have at most 100 people combined between people inside and outside of a vehicle.

Q: How can I find the details of my registration?

  1. Copy your confirmation # from the registration email (subject begins with 2020 Boston Pride Parade).
  2. Go to http://www.cvent.com/d/dhqdzz > click Already Registered? in the top right.
  3. Enter your name and confirmation number.
    1. There is link to have confirmation # emailed if you’ve lost it.
  4. Click OK.

Q: I’ve registered. How can I pay the fee? 
A: You have 2 payment options. Make sure you pay before fees increase! You must register and pay in full to avoid a fee increase.

Credit Card:

  • Note that a 2% processing fee will automatically be applied to your amount.  Boston Pride has been hit with high transaction fees, so we must now apply a processing fee for all credit card transactions. Our average fee rate is 4% but we have elected to only pass on a 2% rate to the community. Your contribution will help us keep our costs down!

To pay by credit card, 

  1. Go to https://www.cvent.com/Events/Register/RegNumConfirmation.aspx?e=668afcef-09e1-4503-afa0-bfd8872c0fbc
  2. Enter your email address and confirmation number and click OK.
    1. If you’ve lost your confirmation number there is a link on that page to have it sent to your email.
  3. Click submit payment.


  • No service fee is applied to payments made by check.
  • Please mail your check payable to Boston Pride to “Boston Pride – ATTN: Parade – 398 Columbus Ave. #285, Boston, MA 02116”.

Q: My organization actually has several sub organizations. Can we all register under the parent organization?
A: Floats, vehicles, and banners may only contain the name and logo of the organization registered. So, if you register as the parent organization, only the parent organization name and logo may appear on your float, vehicle, and banner(s).

Q: What’s the difference between the Parade Registration and the Group Marshal Training Registration?
A: Every group must register for the Parade. Every group must identify 2 people that will be the Group Marshals for their group and these 2 people must attend training. In the Parade registration process, you are asked whether you would prefer in-person or remote (online) training. This is just to gauge interest. In March, we will open registration for specific training sessions. The links will be emailed to all registered groups and posted on this page.


Q: Can I register for a different type of session (in-person vs online) that I requested in the Parade registration?
A: Absolutely! The question in the Parade registration was just to gauge interest in online training. Please register for whatever session you want to attend when training registration opens in March.

Q: How do I register for a specific Group Marshal training (as mentioned in the Parade registration)?
A: Registration will go live sometime in March. We will update this page and email all registrants when training registration opens.

Q: I’m not a Group Marshal, can I still attend a Marshal training?
A: Absolutely! Just go ahead and register for a training session.

Q: How do I change my Group Marshal?
A: Please email parade@bostonpride.org with your group name, the name of the person who cannot attend, and the name, email and phone number of the marshal who will attend. No changes after May 1st.

Day of the event:

Q: What happens if I don’t feel well and can’t make it all the way to the finish line?
A: No fear! Most of the Parade route is not barricaded so you can exit at any time. If you need medical assistance, please find any volunteer or official along the route.

Q: Can I bring water and food?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we would be concerned if you don’t have any water. Just keep in mind, groups are not allowed to give out food or beverage samples – that would require a permit from the City of Boston.