Boston Pride Illumination

Illuminate for Pride is a community effort with the City of Boston and the community to show your support during the month of June. Illuminate your rainbow lights or fly your Pride flags, on your building, in your window, at your house, in your car, any way you can is a way to bring visibility. There is no building too big or space too small to participate.
Join us in solidarity where you are able whether it be the entire month of June or on June 13th.
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June 9, 2020: Zakim Bridge was lit up pink lights for Pride Lights.

Photo credit: Jessica Feroli 

The Prudential Tower

Look for the Prudential to be illuminated on June 13th!

Museum of Science Tower of Pride

Photo © Ashley McCabe

Rainbows Under the Longfellow Bridge

Photo © @corey_mcfeeley

Fort Point Channel Starry Night Bridge

Photo © Friends of Fort Point Channel 

Starry Night bridge installation piece is located under the Summer bridge in Fort Point Channel. (Accessible while walking down A street towards South Boston). Lisa Greenfield and Daniel J. van Ackere are two local Fort Point artists who created the project back in 2009. Initially the bridge was created to keep locals safe while traveling under the bridge in the evening, thus representing a “starry night sky”, but has now become a permanent identity piece of Fort Point Channel. Please enjoy the rainbow colored “night sky” under the bridge for the month of June in honor of Boston Pride. (Can only be seen after night fall).