Transformation Advisory Committee

The Transformation Advisory Committee (TAC) will advise the Board and its Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity (DAIE) Consultants on topics related to Boston Prides organizational transformation. The TAC has been established to create and facilitate mutual paths promoting DAIE between Boston Pride and the communities we share.

The TAC will advise on the following areas:

  • Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity
  • Mission, Vision and Values of Boston Pride
  • Intentions and Rationale of Boston Pride

TAC members will:

  • Participate in the new Board recruitment process
  • Attend events produced by Boston Pride to the best of their abilities

Current Members

  • Sheika Babin
  • Sam Chambers
  • Patty Haggerty
  • Shelita Hayes
  • Ed Hurley
  • Ryan Roy
  • Lee Santos Silva

Interested in joining TAC?