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“The transformation of Boston Pride isn’t looking to just build Boston Pride, but to build a community of strength with leadership pathways, raising voices of the unheard, and a sincere focus on the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community”


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For the past six months Boston Pride has been working with a consulting team, Dorrington & Saunders, LLC, to institute transformational change within our organization regarding diversity, access, inclusion, equity and equality.


To enhance our service to the community, we have instituted the following Intentions and Rationale:
Boston Pride is engaging in a transformational process to facilitate fulfillment of our mission and vision, which we serve.
Boston Pride is dismantling the systemic oppression and individual, interpersonal, institutional and structural racism within its own organization.
Boston Pride uses its platform and resources to reduce the negative impact of oppression and racism on LGBTQIA+ communities of color, with deliberate focus on marginalized and intersectional people.
Boston Pride is devoted to ensuring acceptance, diversity, access, and inclusion of the distinct identities that make up the LGBTQIA+ community

Pride Tremont/School St., 1979 Moskowitz  |  Boston Mass Gay Liberation, 1971 Boston Globe |  Come Out Pride, 1979 Moskowitz

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The following steps are being taken to help in the transformation of Boston Pride as an organization.

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Step 1:
Established new officers of the Board of Directors:

We are seeking new members to join the Boston Pride Board of Directors.

  • Director of Diversity, Access, Inclusion, Equity (DAIE)
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Technology
  • Member-at-Large

To learn more about becoming a Board member, please view the documents below:

Recruitment Process
Board Prospectus

Step 2:
Established the Transformation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Boston Pride (BP) has established  the Transformation Advisory Committee (TAC).  The TAC will advise the Board and its Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity (DAIE) Consultants on topics related to Boston Prides organizational transformation. The TAC has been established to create and facilitate mutual paths promoting DAIE between Boston Pride and the communities we share.

The TAC will advise on the following areas:

  • Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity
  • Mission, Vision and Values of Boston Pride
  • Intentions and Rationale of Boston Pride

TAC members will:

  • Participate in the new Board recruitment process
  • Attend events produced by Boston Pride to the best of their abilities

Step 3:
Building a Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity Education and Training Program:

  • Ongoing training of Board, Staff and Committees and Volunteers
  • Library of Training Resources accessible to Pride and the Public
  • Education and application will include but not limited to the following topics:
    • Organizational transformation
    • Building a common language and shared knowledge about Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity
    • Racism: systemic, structural and institutional
    • Genderism, cisgenderism, transphobia, ageism, classism, ableism, etc.
    • Language, including pronouns
    • Intersectionality
    • Cultural humility, responsiveness and competence
    • Understanding and reducing implicit and unconscious bias and the implications for application to structural change

Click through the slides below to view a synopsis of the curriculum from Boston Pride’s diversity consultant, Dorrington & Saunders, LLC.


Step 4
Development of Community Advisory Councils

The purpose of the councils shall be to provide advice to the Board on topics related to the communities served by the councils. The Board shall lean on the institutional and community knowledge of the councils’ members to help facilitate fulfillment of Boston Pride’s commitment to the greater good of our whole community. 

These leadership councils shall represent the communities of:

  • Youth
  • Elders
  • Two Spirit/Indigenous
  • Transgender/Non-Binary
  • Black
  • Bisexual
  • Latinx
  • Recovery
  • Arts and Culture
  • Accessibility/(dis)Ability
  • Veterans
  • Queer Asian Pacific-Islander

In addition, recognizing that there are members of our community that do not identify with one of these councils and may want to engage with Boston Pride, the Board will establish additional councils for engagement in accordance with community needs.

OVERVIEW OF Community Advisory Councils

Step 5
Development of Year-Round Committee

Along with our existing events and program production Committee, formed on a seasonal basis to help produce events during Pride month, the Board has established year-round Committees to assist with the overall workings of the organization:

  • Diversity, Access, Inclusion and Equity Committee
  • Human Resource Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Finance Committee

We welcome your feedback.

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