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2018 Pride Marshals


Marshal nominees

Kris Turilli
Kris Turilli has been a staple in the LGBT community since 1986. She is mostly known as the general manager of Jacques Cabaret. Kris is an unsung hero of our community because as general manager she has provided a safe place for transgender people to work and for the transgender community to have a place of their own. She is also one of the first transgender people to hold a liquor License in the City of Boston. Jacques Cabaret opened in 1938, and became a gay bar in the mid-1940s. After serving as the city’s only lesbian bar from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, Jacques evolved into a venue for drag performers, which remains its focus to today.

Freedom for All Massachusetts
In June 2015, the broad-based bipartisan coalition Freedom for All Massachusetts launched with the goal of updating Massachusetts’ longstanding civil rights laws to include nondiscrimination protections for transgender people in public places. The campaign aimed to add gender identity as a protected category in the Commonwealth’s public accommodations law. By June 2016, the law had passed by an overwhelming bipartisan supermajority of votes in both legislative chambers. Shortly after it went into effect on October 1, 2016, opponents of the law secured signatures to force law onto the 2018 ballot. The Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign continues to build the Commonwealth’s familiarity with transgender people, and to grow support for fair and equal treatment, so that we keep trans equality in the law of the Commonwealth.

Imperial Court of Massachusetts
The Imperial Court of MA (ICMA) was established in 1995 as a not-for-profit fundraising organization with the mission to put the “FUN” back in fundraising. ICMA focuses on raising funds for local organizations that work on critical issues like HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, homeless youth and the LGBT community. Its work was recognized by the Imperial Court System in 2008 when the ICMA was named recipient of the Jose Honor’s “Court of Distinction” award. ICMA, an all-volunteer organization, has raised money for The Boston Living Center, AIDS Action Committee, Fenway Health, AIDS Support Group Cape Cod, The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, Harbor to the Bay, and Waltham House.

James Valentine
James Valentine is a director and set manager at The Company Theatre in Norwell, MA, where he has created safe spaces for the local LGBT youth to express themselves and be proud of who they are. As an out youth of color, James has become a model for many other young people on the South Shore. He is kind, supportive, patient, compassionate, and dedicated. By involving young people in theatre production and other artistic endeavors, James has infused a sense of hope and purpose into a community that has felt left out, and showed LGBT youth that they can be openly who they are: yes, you can don glitter while hammering nails into large heavy set pieces, and have purple hair while dancing across a stage!

Jennifer Bonardi
For many years Jennifer Bonardi’s alter ego Tiggy Upland has educated, informed, entertained, and supported the bi and larger LGBT+ community via her advice column, performances in Bilicious, speaking at the Boston Dyke March, the Upland web comic and, most recently, the book Advice from a Wild Deuce: The Best of Ask Tiggy, which won a Bisexual Book Award for Bi Writer of the Year. Her wit, humor, compassion, and service of the community (she is also a former Bisexual Resource Center board member) will make her a superb Pride Marshal.

Julian Cyr
Julian Cyr has been active in advancing LGBTQ equity in Massachusetts, particularly in the policy arena. He served on the MA Commission on LGBTQ Youth for 6 years, including a highly successful tenure as chair. Under Julian’s leadership, the Commission secured a 300% increase in state funding and released first in the nation guidance to schools on how to meet the needs of transgender students. He has been a fierce ally for transgender and gender non-conforming people. Julian also served on the 2016 and 2017 Boston Pride Community Fund independent review panel. In 2016, Julian was elected to the MA State Senate, where he is the youngest senator and youngest out person elected in the State House. As senator, Julian has achieved results on sexual health education, filed pioneering legislation on PrEP access for minors, and has led the charge for the needs of LGBTQ incarnated individuals in criminal justice reform. He represents the Cape & Islands District and is a native of Truro, MA.

Jo Trigilio
Jo Trigilio has been a leader in the LGBTQ community serving on the Boston Dyke March organizing committee for more than a decade before stepping down a few years ago. Jo was instrumental at growing the march from a few hundred to several thousand participants, and maintaining its status as a grassroots, noncommercial, and radical event committed to all-gender inclusion. They now head the Boston Dyke March History and Archive Project which makes archival materials publically available online. Jo is a known peace maker, beloved professor, and activist. Jo is an ongoing contributor to the Pride Guide and has extended themselves to assist Boston Pride in addressing issues brought by the community. Jo is currently the Program Director of Gender/Cultural Studies at Simmons College. Jo’s current work focuses on nonbinary gender and ethnic/racial intersectionality.

Update 11/1/17: the first name of one of the nominees was corrected, the bio of one of the nominees was updated to correct approximate language.

2018 Pride Marshals Selection Process

  • Phase 1 – Community Nominations
    • In Phase 1, the community is invited to submit nominations for the next Pride Marshals.
    • Phase 1 runs October 1-22.
    • Read the full announcement here.
  • Phase 2 – Slate Creation
    • In Phase 2, the Boston Pride Committee reviews the community suggestions and narrows down Pride Marshals nominations to create a slate of candidates.
    • Phase 2 occurs on October 24.
  • Phase 3 – Community Vote
    • In Phase 3, the community is invited to vote online for their preferred Pride Marshals, from the slate of Phase 2.
    • Phase 3 runs November 1-22.
    • Click here to vote!
    • The Pride Marshals chosen by the community will be announced publicly on December 1.

Past Pride Marshals

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    • Boston Pride Grand Marshal: Kristen Porter
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    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Governor Deval L. Patrick, The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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  • 2013 Boston Pride Marshals
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    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Jeanne Manford
  • 2012 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Mix 104.1’s “Fast Freddy” Murphy, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Brendan Burke
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    • Boston Pride Marshals: John Affuso, Community Servings
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes
  • 2010 Boston Pride Marshals
    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: BAGLY, Grace Sterling Stowell, Don Gorton
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Senator Ted Kennedy
    • Boston Pride Celebrity Marshals: Laverne Cox, Ronnie Kroell, Alexis Arquette
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    • Boston Pride Grand Marshals: Pathways to Wellness
    • Boston Pride Honorary Marshal: Barbara Jordan
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