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Pride Theme

We are pleased to announce Boston Pride’s 2015 Theme:

45th Anniversary – #WickedProud


The twofold structure of the 2015 theme is meant, on the one hand, to evoke the storied history of Pride in Boston and, on the other hand, to provide a distinctively Bostonian motto around which our community can rally into the future.

The theme commemorates Boston Pride’s 45th year of existence: Boston Pride, as an organization, was born in 1970, one year after the Stonewall Riots. From a small march with speeches between Jacque’s Cabaret and City Hall, to over 40 events including a four-hour parade illustrating our community’s diversity and richness, Boston Pride has grown immensely and is now the largest annual public event in New England! We are proud to continue the tradition of public demonstration in the streets of Boston, as well as to offer numerous other events intended for everyone to enjoy and to celebrate who they are, in a safe and fun environment.

In addition to Boston Pride’s commitment to a legacy of public events, we also work year-round to ensure the visibility of our community online. Whether on our website or on social media, we strive to highlight resources and content that are useful and valuable to the LGBT and ally community in Boston and beyond. To that end, we hope that #WickedProud can be a rallying cry for all of us, expressing our collective pride in a characteristically Bostonian way. Throughout the year, Boston Pride will be using the hashtag #WickedProud to proclaim our community’s pride in the virtual world. We invite you to join us in sharing online how #WickedProud you are to be part of the LGBT and ally community.

Past Pride themes:
2014      “Be Yourself, Change the World”
2013      “Moving Forward… Proud, Strong, United”
2012      “Celebrating 30 Years of the Worldwide Pride Movement”
2011      “Equality: No More, No Less”
2010      “Riots to Rights – Celebrating 40 Years of Progress”
2009      “Trans-forming our Community”
2008      “Sustaining Our Community, Conserving Our World”
2007      “Ask. Tell. Proud to Serve Our Community, Our Country, Our World.”
2006      “Pride not prejudice, Diversity not division.”
2005      “Pride in progress… What’s your fight?”
2004      “Equal Justice: Freedom to Marry”
2003      “Peace through Pride”
2002      “”
2001      “”
2000      “”
1999      “”
1998      “Retro Pride: Celebrate the Past; Create the Future”
1997      “Stand Out, Stand Up, Stand Together”
1996      “Pride Without Borders”
1995      “From Silence to Celebration”
1994      “A Global Celebration of Pride / 25th Anniversary of Pride”
1993      “A Family of Pride”
1992      “Pride Equals Power, a simple matter of Justice”
1991      “Together in Pride”
1990      “Proud of our Past, Looking to the Future”
1989      “A Generation of Pride”
1988      “Rightfully Proud”
1987      “Out for Good”
1986      “Forward Together”
1985      “”
1984      “”
1983      “”
1982      “It’s a Nice Day to Be Out”
1981      “If Not Now When… If Not You Who?”
1980      “All Our Voices, All our Visions”
1979      “”
1978      “We Are Everywhere and We Will Be Free”
1977      “Gay Pride: Celebration. Introspection.”
1976      “Gay Unity is Gay Strength”
1975      “”
1974      “”
1973      “”
1972      “”
1971      “”