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2018 Pride Theme


Theme candidates

Rainbow Resistance
This theme is a call for every segment of our community to unite in the resistance against the oppression and backwards policies of the current administration in Washington, DC, the systemic threats to communities of color and trans people in our country, and the potential repeal of trans equality legislation in Massachusetts.

Resist with Pride
This theme brings together two major components: one that is current to the political situation we face (“Resist”) with the annual theme of the parade (“Pride”). The suggestion is simple but potent, and speaks to the moment in which we find ourselves: a time when our own government is seeking to roll back years of progress on LGBTQ rights. So “Resist with Pride” conveys the political necessity of resisting oppression, yet highlights the need to show our pride in being OUT as LGBTQ people.

Remember the Past, Create the Future
This is the international Pride theme selected by the member organizations of InterPride, the international network of Pride organizers. This theme is universal in its appeal to all communities: we must all remember the fights of the past and how far we have come, but we need to continue to build our communities’ future because there is still so much to be done.

Take Action: Stand Up for Pride!
This theme is centered on standing up and taking action. We can all DO something to make the world a better place: calling our senators, attending a protest, telling the world what we stand for, celebrating history like Stonewall and the White Night Riots where queer people took a stand. It is also meant to encourage the youth in our community to apply for leadership positions and to empower them to speak up in difficult situations.

Trans Lives Matter
Trans individuals, and in particular trans women of color, continue to be systemically discriminated against, attacked and killed. This theme is a call for the larger LGBTQ community to take a stand. In addition, our community in Massachusetts is facing a challenge in the form of a ballot question in November 2018 that could take away trans protections in the Commonwealth. The possible repeal of the public accommodations bill would be a terrible blowback for the LGBTQ community, so we need to mobilize each and every one of us, our allies, and our elected officials to defeat this ballot measure.

The Fight’s Not Over
This theme is a reminder that, while a lot has been accomplished by the queer movement, there is still plenty to do. It stands to honor all those who have fought for our community and have been true to themselves, even in the face of potential harmful backlash. The fight is not over as we continue to fight for acceptance and understanding all over the world.

One Community, Many Faces
This theme is meant to celebrate the diversity within our queer community. We may not all look or act alike but we all have love in common. No matter where in the world we are, we are connected and must fight together for the benefit of everyone in our community.

2018 Pride Theme Selection Process

  • Phase 1 – Community Nominations
    • In Phase 1, the community is invited to submit nominations for the next Pride Theme.
    • Phase 1 runs October 1-22.
    • Read the full announcement here.
  • Phase 2 – Slate Creation
    • In Phase 2, the Boston Pride Committee reviews the community suggestions and narrows down Pride Theme options to create a slate of 3 to 8 themes.
    • Phase 2 occurs on October 24.
  • Phase 3 – Community Vote
    • In Phase 3, the community is invited to vote online for their preferred Pride Theme, from the slate of Phase 2.
    • Phase 3 runs November 1-22.
    • The Pride Theme chosen by the community will be announced publicly on December 1.
    • Click here to vote for your favorite theme!

Past Pride themes:

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2012      “Celebrating 30 Years of the Worldwide Pride Movement”
2011      “Equality: No More, No Less”
2010      “Riots to Rights – Celebrating 40 Years of Progress”
2009      “Trans-forming our Community”
2008      “Sustaining Our Community, Conserving Our World”
2007      “Ask. Tell. Proud to Serve Our Community, Our Country, Our World.”
2006      “Pride not prejudice, Diversity not division.”
2005      “Pride in progress… What’s your fight?”
2004      “Equal Justice: Freedom to Marry”
2003      “Peace through Pride”
2002      “”
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1998      “Retro Pride: Celebrate the Past; Create the Future”
1997      “Stand Out, Stand Up, Stand Together”
1996      “Pride Without Borders”
1995      “From Silence to Celebration”
1994      “A Global Celebration of Pride / 25th Anniversary of Pride”
1993      “A Family of Pride”
1992      “Pride Equals Power, a simple matter of Justice”
1991      “Together in Pride”
1990      “Proud of our Past, Looking to the Future”
1989      “A Generation of Pride”
1988      “Rightfully Proud”
1987      “Out for Good”
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1982      “It’s a Nice Day to Be Out”
1981      “If Not Now When… If Not You Who?”
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