The 2017 Boston Pride Theme is “Stronger Together” as selected by the community. Thank you to all who voted or suggested themes this year.

Social media hashtags for 2017: #WickedProud and #StrongerTogether.

PRESS RELEASE. February 22, 2017 – Boston, MA – Boston Pride today announced that its theme for 2017 is “Stronger Together.” This theme was chosen by the LGBTQ community through an online vote. It focuses on the current climate of political uncertainty and marginalization of LGBTQ people. “Stronger Together” stresses the imperative that the diverse groups that comprise the LGBTQ community stand together and fight for civil rights for all. “Stronger Together” will be used for all Boston Pride events throughout the year, culminating with Boston Pride Week to be held from June 2 to June 11.

“Our 2017 theme, ‘Stronger Together’ is a call to action for all in the LGBTQ community and for our allies,” said Sylvain Bruni, Boston Pride President. “The great strides that our community has made locally and nationally are threatened by the current poisoned political climate that seeks to replace equal rights with discrimination. We will not be silent, we will not be divided; we will be loud and united to show the world that the LGBTQ community will fight for the civil rights of all disenfranchised communities.”

“Stronger Together” redoubles Boston Pride’s commitment to raising awareness of intersectionality, the overlapping of social identities and how discrimination against one ultimately represents discrimination against all.
In an effort to create more opportunities for participation by grassroots organizations representing all communities, Boston Pride has created a new “Solidarity” registration category with heavily discounted participation fees to join the Parade and Festival. Additionally, there are new tiers with lower fees for small non-profits and small businesses. These measures are partially offset by revised fee schedules for larger organizations, in particular for large corporations participating in the annual Parade.
“Boston Pride is more energized than ever with great enthusiasm among our volunteers and the community. We look forward to having new groups join us for the Parade and Festival to make this year’s Boston Pride Week one of the biggest outpourings of celebration and activism for the LGBTQ community, showing everyone that we are truly ‘Stronger Together,’” Bruni said.

2017 Pride Theme Selection Process

  • Phase 1 – Community Suggestions
  • Phase 2 – Slate Creation
    • In Phase 2, the Boston Pride Committee reviews the community suggestions and narrows down Pride Theme options to create a slate of 3 to 8 themes.
    • Phase 2 occurs on November 15.
  • Phase 3 – Community Vote
    • In Phase 3, the community is invited to vote online for their preferred Pride Theme, from the slate of Phase 2.
    • Phase 3 runs November 15-30.
    • Click here to vote on your favorite theme!
    • The Pride Theme chosen by the community will be announced publicly on December 1.