2019 Boston Pride Theme

“Looking Back, Loving Forward”

Boston Pride has announced the new theme for 2019 Pride season and marshals for the Pride Parade. The decisions on the theme and marshals were made through online voting by the community. This year’s theme “Looking Back, Loving Forward” represents the recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and is meant to encourage the community to reflect back on the many challenges and incredible victories of the LGBTQ+ community in that time.

“The new theme ‘Looking Back, Loving Forward’ acknowledges the people and Pride groups who have come before us who have helped us strengthen our community,” said Linda DeMarco, Acting President of Boston Pride. “The fight for our rights must continue as well as fighting for our ability to love ourselves and each other freely without fear of hate or persecution.”

2019 Pride Theme Selection Process

  • Phase 1 – Community Nominations
    • In Phase 1, the community is invited to submit nominations for the next Pride Theme. The nomination phase opens on Saturday, December 15th, and closes at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 10th. This phase is now completed.
  • Phase 2 – Slate Creation
    • In Phase 2, the Boston Pride Committee reviews the community suggestions and narrows down Pride Theme options to create a slate of 3 to 8 themes. This phase is now completed.
  • Phase 3 – Community Vote
    • In Phase 3, the community is invited to vote online for their preferred Pride Theme, from the slate of Phase 2. The voting phase opens on Thursday, January 17th, and closes at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 31st.

Past Pride themes:

2018      “Rainbow Resistance
2017      “Stronger Together
2016      “Solidarity Through Pride
2015      “45th Anniversary – #WickedProud”
2014      “Be Yourself, Change the World”
2013      “Moving Forward… Proud, Strong, United”
2012      “Celebrating 30 Years of the Worldwide Pride Movement”
2011      “Equality: No More, No Less”
2010      “Riots to Rights – Celebrating 40 Years of Progress”
2009      “Trans-forming our Community”
2008      “Sustaining Our Community, Conserving Our World”
2007      “Ask. Tell. Proud to Serve Our Community, Our Country, Our World.”
2006      “Pride not prejudice, Diversity not division.”
2005      “Pride in progress… What’s your fight?”
2004      “Equal Justice: Freedom to Marry”
2003      “Peace through Pride”
2002      “”
2001      “”
2000      “”
1999      “”
1998      “Retro Pride: Celebrate the Past; Create the Future”
1997      “Stand Out, Stand Up, Stand Together”
1996      “Pride Without Borders”
1995      “From Silence to Celebration”
1994      “A Global Celebration of Pride / 25th Anniversary of Pride”
1993      “A Family of Pride”
1992      “Pride Equals Power, a simple matter of Justice”
1991      “Together in Pride”
1990      “Proud of our Past, Looking to the Future”
1989      “A Generation of Pride”
1988      “Rightfully Proud”
1987      “Out for Good”
1986      “Forward Together”
1985      “”
1984      “”
1983      “”
1982      “It’s a Nice Day to Be Out”
1981      “If Not Now When… If Not You Who?”
1980      “All Our Voices, All our Visions”
1979      “”
1978      “We Are Everywhere and We Will Be Free”
1977      “Gay Pride: Celebration. Introspection.”
1976      “Gay Unity is Gay Strength”
1975      “”
1974      “”
1973      “”
1972      “”
1971      “”