Stuart Street Block Party is OPEN!!

JP will NOT take place today and we welcome all guests to join us at our Stuart Street Party (between Arlington and Berkeley) which will be up & running soon.


In response to the calls, FB posts and emails we’re receiving regarding the cancellation of the JP Block Party, we felt it important to give the community insight into our decision, which was not made lightly.   The Boston Pride Committee regrets to give this news to folks, especially the local community in JP, who are a huge part of bringing Perkins Street to life for the 7 hours we’re there.

The decision was based on a number of factors including limited volunteer resources and financial considerations.  Due to the inclement weather, the Boston Pride Committee will suffer a financial loss today regardless of any decision we make, and so we had to make some tough choices that would help us reduce that loss.  Stuart Street is our largest fundraising event of the year and accounts for a large portion of our revenue stream.

We faithfully host the smaller, more community-based JP Block Party because we LOVE it and we love the JP Community (and its allies!!).  We hope you’ll all join us today at Stuart Street. Entrance is free from 12 noon – 2pm.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to dance in the rain and cold TOGETHER for a change?!



Keri Aulita

Deputy Director