(Boston, MA) – June 4, 2018 – Today’s Supreme Court decision demonstrates the discrimination still facing the LGBTQ community. The Court’s decision focused on the impact of a specific Colorado anti-discrimination law on the first amendment rights of the baker involved, not on the broader issue of refusing service to LGBTQ customers. Community visibility remains imperative, which is why Boston Pride continues to work hard every year to put on events for the LGBTQ community, and to provide a platform for organizations and causes supporting the community. Across the country LGBTQ rights are being threatened, including right here in Massachusetts, where there is a question on November’s ballot that if passed, will repeal the public accommodations law protecting transgender rights. Tonight at 6pm, in partnership with Freedom for All Massachusetts, we are presenting a public forum at District Hall. We look forward to the discussion which will help the community gear up to fight the referendum.